It's CSA sign-up time again!

Wow!  It's about time for an update, right?!  As we hope you have noticed, we have re-done our entire website!  Apparently iWeb '08 had an expiration date and we suddenly found ourselves no longer able to update our website.  Eek!  It was looking pretty rough, anyway...  so we are happy to have this new (quite fancy looking) website to share with you!  It took a while, but we have switched everything over, including our blog (though we lost the recipes in the move!).   It's amazing all the hats we get to wear and things we learn to do as CSA farmers.  Computer work is a struggle for us, but we did it!  YAY!  So, if you find any spelling errors or have trouble with anything on the website, please let us know and we will try to get it fixed ASAP! 

We've also been busy planning the 2015 season and getting together some new share options.  We are SUPER excited to be offering our "Eat Like A Farmer" Share!  Vegetables, eggs, meat, and farmstead cheese - ALL from our farm!  Have a look at the "share options" page to learn more about it.  The "eat like a farmer" share is the share that brings us closer to our goal of having a whole farm ecosystem in which we supply all the fertility needs for our farm from our own farm.  There are very few farms (nation wide, even) who are offering full-diet CSA shares and we are thrilled to be pioneering in this way.  Having all the aspects of our farm integrated and complementing each other is very important to us.  Having an ethical, on-farm source of compost for the health of our soil and the amazing-ness of our vegetables has long been a goal of ours.  We are pleased to be taking real steps to get there - and pleased that the bonuses of having on farm compost makers (cows, chickens, and pigs) are going to be beautiful artisan cheeses, whey-fed woodlot raised pork, and pastured chickens and the orangest, highest standing egg yolks you've ever seen!  Not to mention the bonus of spirit, beauty, and wholeness that livestock adds to a farm. 

We still have quite a bit of infrastructure to put in to get everything in place, and we are considering a kick-starter to get us all the way there, but we are optimistic about how far we've come toward our goal.  We also think that this season will be better than the last two had been for us, financially.  But we have to get our heads up above water again, the move to this farm, cold wet springs, early falls  and the ongoing investment into cheese making has made it hard to maintain our financial sustainability and an infusion of cash may be the only way we can do it.  We are looking closely at our budget before we make decisions.  But kick-starter or no kick-starter...

Now is the time to sign-up! 

We are already about half way to our sign-up goals and almost sold out of single shares, already!  If you are a returning member, we welcome you back and thank you so much for signing up with us again and letting us grow your food.  Please encourage your friends and neighbors who are interested in healthy, Organic and local food to sign-up for a share with us!  If you are having a look at our blog and website and considering signing up with us, we hope you like what you see.  Whether you are a returning member or just browsing, we would love to talk to you!  If you call Turnip Rock Farm, you will be talking to the farmers growing the food.  We really like getting to know the people who are getting the food from our farm, so please don't hesitate to email or call us! Scroll through the 2014 season blog for a good idea of what to expect from a CSA share with us and to get a feel for what our farm is like.  We hope you find us to be a good fit!  

And here are some pictures of goings-on...   Thanks for reading!