Our 80 acre farm is located just South of Amery, WI . It consists of 32 tillable acres; 21 in pasture. 8 acres will be in annual vegetables and cover crops. We are situated in a community with several other small organic farms near by and are a little over an hours drive of the Twin Cities area.

2019 will be our 16th season managing a CSA. and our 7th season on this farm. We will be growing for a 150+ member CSA with a 16-20 week harvest season. We will also be growing for a farmers' coop.   Certified Organic Vegetables are the primary focus, but we also raise pastured pork and beef. We milk 15 cows for our farmstead cheese business called the Cosmic Wheel Creamery. We offer our members a full diet CSA. Our goal is to able to meet the fertility needs for the vegetable growing through the animals on our farm, creating a healthy and self-sufficent ecosystem. Our hope is to provide a truly diverse farming experience with exposure to vegetable production, pastured livestock, and value added dairy. Our farm is one of a kind in our area!

Our family includes a 8 year old and a 5 year old. We make a full time living on this farm and do not hold any outside jobs. We work closely with our employees and strive to find people that work well together and fit on our farm and with our family. We are offering multiple positions, including Livestock Manager, where 95% of your time will be milking, managed grazing and other livestock chores. 2 general labor position where 80% of your time will be vegetable focused and 20% livestock chores. We are also hiring one assistant vegetable manager; someone with 2 or more years experience that would like to learn more about managing employees, prioritizing work and organizing information.

Starts: 3/19 or 5/19
Ends: 11/19
Number of workers: 4
Minimum Length of Stay: 3 Months

Meals: All basic staples are provided. Lunch will be a shared meal that one person will cook for everyone. Dinner and breakfast will be on your own, but we will be working together to get everyone fed and you'll never go hungry.We LOVE food and we love to eat. And we eat well!
We are omnivores but vegetarian friendly. Basic staples such as coffee, grains, bread, meat, milk, eggs, cheese, veg will be provided. We will attempt to eat mostly what is grown on the farm.

Skills Desired: No previous experience is required. We will be looking for people who are motivated and genuinely interested in learning and doing farm work. It is hard work. It is often tedious. It involves being active in extreme types of weather from very cold and rainy to very hot and humid to windy to perfectly clear beautiful sky days! This work is challenging, but very rewarding and enjoyable at the same time. Having been an intern on many different kinds of farms we understand how new and hard the work may be and will try to teach you as much as we can during the growing season. But first things first, we are professional farmers and that requires people who are dedicated to making things happen and looking forward to each new day.

You must be able to lift at least 50 lbs and tolerate heat, cold, and tedious/repetitive work.

Activities will vary throughout the growing season. Greenhouse work April-June, and lots of weeding, harvesting and packing boxes throughout the summer and into the fall. Some workers will drive deliveries into the cities.

We are hiring 4 people for the entire season. You will have the opportunity to drive tractors, will be riding a transplanter, and working around various farm equipment, so mechanical aptitude is a plus, but not required.

Educational Opportunities: We are offering primarily an employment opportunity, not a purely educational opportunity. That said, we have an extensive library of books about sustainability, agriculture, and many other topics that you are free to utilize. We try to be available to answer questions and discuss ideas. We will be doing field walks, and we try to keep you informed about why we are doing the tasks we are doing. Visits to the other area farms for inspiration and educational opportunities are available. We live in a close knit community where it will be easy to see other operations. If you are motivated to learn and ask questions, the sky is the limit. You will get out what you put in. We will answer any questions you have, and cover many areas as we weed, plant, and work. If you don't have an active and inquisitive mind, you may not feel like you are learning. If you learn by observation, by doing, and are self motivated to learn, you will gain a lot from working with us! First year is learning how to use your body and observe the season as it goes, and if a person is willing to commit to multiple years we can spend more time learning the 'back end' of farming; financial, mechanical, theoretical.

Stipend: General Labor; will start at 9$ hr, minus food and lodging deductions at the end of the month. Take home pay will average around 900-1200$ mo. depending on the hours worked. Assistant Livestock Manager; will start at 10$ hr. Hours can be more and responsibility is more. Some experience is preferred. (position is filled for 2017) Assistant Vegetable Manager will start at 10$ hr. This position is for experienced vegetable farm workers. Responsibilities are; Managing work pace, answering questions, making decisions in absence of owners, being eyes and ears to catch anything before it goes wrong.

Housing: Living quarters will be in one of 4 cabins. There is a large commercial style kitchen in the farm house that is shared with all the other workers along with a shared bathroom/shower in the house.

Internet service is available on the farm as well. You will need to bring your own bedding if possible. We have two dogs and a cat. They don't like to share their space with other cats or dogs, so no pets please.

Preferred method Of Contact: Email or phone

Internship Details: We will be living and working together so we will be looking for people who are respectful and can get along in a shared living situation. Our farm is a friendly and safe work space. If you have any sort of issues with accepting and being respectful of gender-nonconforming folks, trans folks, people of color, or people of diverse nationalities or beliefs, please do not apply. The work week will be Mon-Fri and optional Saturday farmers market or weekend milking. The day will start between 6:30-7:30 and go until 5:30-6 P.M. We have a one hour shared lunch break at noon and 5-10 min breaks when appropriate. We work hard because we love the work!

We are happy to say that of the people we have worked with, many have gone on to continue farming on their own or with others. We have had workers return for a second season with us each season since 2010 and we have kept in touch with almost every person we have ever worked with. We really enjoy sharing this work with others and the friendships that develop. You will need to bring work clothes and a good attitude. Gloves, warm clothing, rubber boots, rain suit, and bedding. If you don't have a car, a bike is suggested. Farm bikes are available.