Week 16; October 9, 2014

What's in the box?   

Full Share
Full Share


head lettuce

green top beets

bagged spinach

salad mix

lacinato kale

hakurei turnips

red onion


acorn squash

Single Share

same as above, but no head lettuce or green top beets

broccoli OR cauliflower

Notes on the box... 

About 20% of the Cauliflower seems to have been hit with a frost that discolored it a bit.  If your Cauliflower looks a bit different, it should still taste great, though it might not hold quite as long as the ones that hadn't gotten the frost.  But we had to give the frosted stuff in order to get cauliflower into everyones boxes.  Sorry!  But this will likely be the last cauliflower of the season. 

The carrots are mostly bagged baby carrots with a handful of shares getting regular sized topped carrots.  These are true baby carrots, not the whittled down ones you might find at the grocery.  They are wonderful cut in half lengthwise or left whole and roasted. 

Hakuri Turnips or Salad Turnips are ones you may remember from the beginning of the season.  They are such a treat!  Remove greens from turnips to store.  The turnips in butter recipe below is so simple and perfectly delicious.  Or you can see the Week 3 blog for this season for a Turnips with White Miso recipe from Deborah Madison.  You can also slice or dice them and add them raw to salads. 

Full shares got green top beets this week.  The greens should be removed from the beets for storage.  Greens can be added to or used in place of spinach or kale.

Lacinato Kale is back!  Enjoy its sweetness since it has been touched by a frost!

Like all other winter squash, Acorn Squash should be stored on your counter, adding to your festive fall decor. 


[yumprint-recipe id='54']Vegan Red Lentil Stuffed Acorn Squash

Roasted Acorn Squash with Onion, Grapes, and Thyme

Tuscan Kale Salad with Roasted Chickpeas

Farro Beet Salad (with the greens!)

On the farm...

We got a little snow the other day! We woke up and there it was, sitting on the ground!  Then there was a very very thick layer of frost.  The temperatures have been 10 degrees below average for this time of year.  We have been feeling it and so have the veggies.  Things have slowed their growth a little.  We have a planting of broccoli that we are tapping our toes, arms crossed, waiting for it to head up.  We also have some little bitty brussel sprouts that will hopefully size up in the next couple of weeks.  The good news is that the cool weather sweetens up the greens and the carrots.  Yum! 

 Yes!  We still have Winter Shares available!  Some people have had trouble with the sign up and if you'd like a Winter Share but couldn't get signed up, you can email us directly at turniprock@gmail.com and we will add it to your account. 

It's also time to get your early sign up in for 2015! 

As returning members can use the coupon code RETURNIP for a discount on your share, if you’d like to!    If you are a dropsite host, you will have a different discount code that will be emailed to you.  

Signing up early ensures that you will be charged the 2014 seasons price.  Egg share options are first come first serve and we aren’t expanding our flock!  These sell out every season and we have a long wait list.  Signing up early is the best way to make sure you get eggs.  Also, If you think you can handle the amount of veggies included and you easily went through your half share, please consider a full share!  We LOVE seeing the early sign-ups rolling in!  Please contact us if you have any questions or any trouble with signups. 


Last week we put a flier in the boxes about Red Clover Herbal Apothecary with information about Nancy's Winter wellness CSA share.  We cannot recommend this enough.  It is so amazing and effective and a good deal, too!  Everything is handcrafted by a talented and experienced healer.   This is your reminder to sign up!  Here's the link!

Enjoy your veggies and the beautiful fall season!