Week 16; October 17, 2013

What's in the box?



Butternut Squash


Acorn Squash

Curly Kale




Diakon Radish


same as above, but no Spinach

Notes on the box...

The big white root is a Daikon Radish.  Pull the green top off and store the radish in your crisper until you are ready to use it.  We like it shredded or very thinly sliced and added as a garnish on soups for a little crunch. 

The skin of the Butternut Squash is not tender and edible like the other squash skins have been.  However, if you are making a squash sauce or pie filling, we have been known to roast the butternut (after removing the seeds and the stem) face down until it is very tender and then just putting the squash (with skin) into the food processor after it has cooled a bit.  Once it is pureed well the skin isn't noticeable (at least to a hungry farm crew)!  Butternut is fantastic for squash sauce, soup, and pumpkin pies and other pumpkin baked goods. 

We have quite a lot of Spinach planted out in the field that took a really long time to germinate.  A couple of beds that were planted earlier yielded just enough for full shares, but not enough for singles this week.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for more growth on the rest of it, but the cool temps predicted for this weekend are not looking promising.  We will just have to wait and see! 

Parsley and potatoes are a wonderful match.  Simply boiled potatoes with butter and chopped parsley, yum!  Also parsley is great chopped and added to potato soup. 


[yumprint-recipe id='25'] Parsley Potatoes

Twice baked Butternut Squash with Quinoa, Pecans, and Parmesan (you could also use acorn squash for this)

Honey Pumpkin Biscuits

On the Farm....

Well folks, after looking at the forecast for the week ahead, we think that it will be best to combine the last two deliveries into one box.  There are several crops that we thought might size up by the last box, but it's just not looking like it's going to happen.  Notables that will be sorely missed are brussel sprouts, storage cabbage, and spinach.  But we will be giving you all that we've got! 

Despite the below average season that we've had, we have gotten a lot of support and encouragement from members.  We tend to be our own worst critics, so the understanding has meant the world to us.  Thanks to all who have sent emails and the folks we have gotten to talk to.  We love our community of happy vegetable eaters!!  We will be sending out a survey next week in order to give everyone a chance to give us input about how the experience was this season.

Happily, we have had members who have asked about early sign-up for next season!  We LOVE this and encourage anyone who would like to sign up early to please do so!  If you choose the option to pay in 5 payments, you can make a payment now and the next payment won't be until January of 2014. Sign-ups will open next week.  We will include the link to sign-ups in the email and on the blog. 

We have beef, and stewing hens for sale now, and are taking reservation on the 10 pigs we have going to the butcher in Dec. if you would like to know more please send us an email.  Now is a great time to stock up that freezer for winter.

We wanted to share these pictures of meals and happy veggie eater that a few of our members have been kind enough to share with us...  Thanks!!