Spring is here!

It’s finally happened! Spring is here. There’s enough grass that the cows are getting little nibbles of tender green good stuff in addition to their hay. Soon the pastures will be their only source of food. We are happy to continue to expand our the amount of land that we have in carbon sequestering perennial pasture! We are flush with baby calves which is the sweetest thing.
All the baby plants in the greenhouse are growing super quickly and are making their way out into the fields. It’s a little chilly, so we have them covered to make sure they continue to grow well. We seeded the first few beds of Spinach on Easter before the rain. We still have several CSA shares available, so we hope if you haven’t signed up, you will soon. Our hope is that shares will sell out quickly now that things are greening up and people are starting to believe that Spring with it’s warm sunny days will actually happen! We are expecting the first box to go out the first or second Thursday in June depending on what the weather does. We are always excited with the start of Spring and looking forward to some yummy fresh veggies soon! If you’ve signed up with us for the season, thank you! Please let a friend know that we have shares available and are accepting members until the CSA fills up. We hope to have 180 members again this season. Here’s the link to sign up.
Please continue to support your local farmers to keep rural communities vibrant, our water and air clean, and our soil lively and healthy!