Season Extension Week 2; October 11, 2018

What’s in the box?


Butternut Squash
Spigariello (Leaf Broccoli)
Green Onions
Watermelon Radishes with tops on
Salad Turnips
Baby Pac Choi
Red Russian Kale

Notes on the box.

This box has a lot of greens! The leaf broccoli is a new one for us. We thought we would try it since the fall brassicas failed and we didn’t have enough of the season left to get a crop of it after replanting. It’s pretty tasty! You can use it as you would any of your favorite greens such as kale. We aren’t planning on replacing our
The tops should be removed from the watermelon radishes before storing. The tops are edible. We like to add them to turnip greens or other greens. They are similar to mustard greens in flavor. The Watermelon Radishes are a hit in lunchboxes. We slice them thin and put herbed quark or hummus on them instead of crackers.
The baby pac choi is super beautiful and yummy. Hope you enjoy it!
Store potatoes, garlic, onions, and butternut squash out of the fridge. Potatoes are best stored in a paper bag or box in a dark place, not the plastic that we sent them in.

Cosmic Wheel Creamery Cheese.

Market favorite Antares, is our cow milk manchego style cheese. It’s a pretty strong flavor. And other market favorite, Cheese curds! Have you ever tried dropping cheese curds into chili or veggie soup? It’s really yummy! They get soft and chewy but don’t melt away. Try it!


Tahini- Miso Spread and Watermelon Radish Toast

Use your leaf broccoli to make this Italian Wedding Soup

On the Farm.

Red Clover Herbal Winter Herbal CSA share! SO GOOD!

Red Clover Herbal Winter Herbal CSA share! SO GOOD!

Our first delivery to twin city area co-ops is next week, October 19th.

Our cold and flu winter herbal shares are designed to strengthen your immune system and protect you from nasty bugs and respiratory illnesses as we head into the colder months. For more info and to SIGN-UP, please go to

The above is info about our dear friend and neighbor’s Herbal CSA share. Her teas, salves, elderberry syrup, tinctures, and everything else she crafts are really THE BEST! We encourage you to check out her herbal CSA shares. It can be delivered to your drop site next week with your Turnip Rock CSA share!

It’s chilly out there! The crew has been working in the cold wet weather to harvest the very last of crops that won’t survive the colder temps and harvesting lots of beautiful greens. We hope that you are staying warm and dry and getting cozy and roasting lots of veggies!