Week 15; September 14, 2017

What's in the box?  


Water melon for most m/l
Napa cabbage
Red peppers
Kennebec potatoes

Notes on the box.

Looking like some serious late summer around here!  
The spinach can be roughly chopped and cooked or kept raw and eaten as a salad.  
Napa Cabbage is great to make some kimchi or chopped and added to stir fry or soup or made into slaw. Stores best in a plastic bag in the fridge.
Red Peppers.  One of our favorite late summer treats.  Slices of these go into lunch boxes and all of them get eaten up!  Sadie can often be spotted munching on one like an apple.  Every time the oven is on, I'm roasting some to put on sandwiches or to mix into pasta or put on quesadillas. Can't get enough of them, honestly.  Hope you enjoy them, too!
Garlic, onions, potatoes, and basil should be stored outside of your fridge.  Cantaloupe, too if you plan on eating it soon.  If not it can go in the fridge.  Everything else should be stored in the fridge.  

Cosmic Wheel Creamery Cheese Shares.

Cheese curds!  The perfect snack!  And a younger Herdsman.  I'm still working out this recipe.  There have been a couple of batches that didn't make the cut to get into the CSA boxes.  This batch was made early in the season when the cows were eating hay because the pasture hadn't come in yet. It's a bit salty, but melts well and I really like the tangy flavor.  


Vietnamese Rice Noodle SaladUses Napa Cabbage and is a great cool dinner recipe for this warm weather we are having.  

Napa Cabbage, Shittake, and Pork Fried Rice

Cantaloupe Salsa

Basic Pesto from NYT

On the farm.

Tomatoes are done, melons done, basil gone, beans are flowering again so we'll see what happens there. Winter squash looks great, spinach and carrots abundant, potatoes for a winter, broccoli and cauliflower right around the corner, Brussels sprouts tall and filling rapidly. Milk is flowing, grass is growing. What more could a farm want??  Looks like a very nice last few weeks shaping up and a great season extension!  

We are still waiting to hear back from the butcher that the steers are all done, so hopefully we will be getting that meat delivery to our Eat Like a Farmer Shares soon.  Hopefully the weather for the delivery will be a little cooler, too.

We didn't get a lot of photos this week, but click over to see this blog post by our dear friend Iglika. Her blog is called Sprig of Thyme and she is doing two parts from her visit to our farm.  There are some really beautiful photos and gorgeous food styling!  One of my all time favorite pictures of our cow, Cod, really enjoying the grass that she's eating.

Forecast for next week. 

Brussels sprout tops
Winter squash - delecata
Red peppers