Week 9; August 3, 2017

What's in the box?  

Green Onions
Hakuri Turnips
Green Beans!
Sweet Onions
Tomatoes - medium and large
Leaf lettuce - medium and large

Notes on the box.

Nice to have a change in variety in the box!  You can make BLTs!  
Store Tomatoes on your counter with the stem end facing down.  They get a mealy texture if stored in the fridge.  If you plan on cooking them, its okay to store them in the fridge.  This is just the beginning of the tomatoes.  The plants are looking great and are loaded with fruit.  We have heard that there was a case of late blight reported already in Wisconsin.  We are hopeful that we will have a good harvest before it spreads to our farm.   
Basil should also be kept on the counter.  Try to use basil ASAP.  We like to make a salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, and basil with a little oil and vinegar drizzled on top.  
Everything else can be kept in the fridge.  

Cosmic Wheel Creamery Cheese Shares.

Fresh cheese curds!  Have you tried them in a salad?  If you aren't into just snacking on them, you can add them to a bean salad.  They are great fried, of course.  But they don't really melt.  
And an experiment that tastes pretty great!  This cheese was made when I discovered that I ran out of my usual culture that I usually use when making Antares. I changed up the texture, too.  It's an entirely different cheese than Antares.  I think it's pretty yummy!  It's a raw milk cheese aged 9 months.  


Green Bean Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette

Cucumber Quinoa Salad

Green Goddess Grilled Cheese Sandwich

On the Farm.  

We are getting a nice rainy day which the plants could really use.  We started irrigating over the weekend for the crops that looked like they couldn't wait.  
Things are looking great! We are looking at a good weekend for our harvest party and will be letting you know soon.   
We brought in a few more cows and had 2 more calves on Sunday.  We have been spending quite a bit of time chasing around calves who have become escape artists!  
Sorry for the short blog this week!  We have relatives from Texas visiting and want to get in as much time as we can.  
Have a great week and enjoy your veggies!  Send us pictures of your beautiful dinners and recipes that you love!

Forecast for next week...

Rerun of this week, but might not have lettuce