Season Extension Week 2; October 19, 2017

What's in the box? 


Salad Turnips
Sweet Peppers
Brussels Sprouts
Pie Pumpkin

Notes on the box.  

Cosmic Wheel Creamery Cheese Shares.  

Garlic Dill Quark is wonderful on a roasted beet salad or dropped onto a potato and egg hash at the very end of cooking.  I know you got this pretty recently, but I also know it's a favorite and very easy to eat!  
The Aquilla is a jack style.  It's a good melter, but. I love it for cheese and crackers.  Make it a little fancy by serving with red onion fridge pickles.  Great snack!  


Quick Pickled Onions

Roasted Hakurei Turnips with Israeli Couscous Salad - Make this yummy salad if you don't eat the turnips sliced, raw, and dipped in the quark.  


On the Farm

The colors are so beautiful out here and we have been enjoying cooler mornings and chilly fingers.  The Sunshine has been so nice, too.  The cooler weather means less weeds and has freed up a little time for us to take a step back and look up and out and enjoy the beauty of the area around us (finally!). We went on a nice family hike at a local park and had a fun birthday party for Otto who is now 7!  We hope you are enjoying the storage veggies and the weather and colors!