Week 7; July 21, 2016

What's in the box? 

New Potatoes
Carrots (medium and large)
beets (small)
green bell peppers
head lettuce
red spring onions
summer squash/ zucchini
fresh garlic

Notes on the box.

New this week is New Potatoes and bell peppers.  The new potatoes can be stored on your counter.  The skin is very thin and fragile and they should be eaten sooner than later.  If you store them in the fridge for very long the starches will convert to sugars and they will taste sweet, so we suggest storing them on the counter and eating them soon as you can.  Perfect weather for potato salad! Or they are really wonderful roasted. 
Bell peppers should be stored in your crisper.  They are great in stir fry with carrots, onions, and summer squash.  Or chopped into salad or dipped into your favorite veggie dip. 

Cosmic Wheel Creamery Cheese Shares.

This week we have an aged cheese called Draco.  It's a grana style meaning it's meant for grating.  It's not a good melter, but is nice on top of pasta or grated onto a salad.  We also have some nice whole milk Ricotta.  I'm including a link to a recipe for a zucchini ricotta galette that I highly recommend if you have the time for it! 



Zucchini and Ricotta Galette from Smitten Kitchen

Homemade Ranch Dressing Recipe

Broccoli Slaw from Smitten Kitchen

Steamed and Buttered New Potatoes with Herbs
Wash potatoes and cut into halves or quarters depending on size.  Steam for about 12 minutes or until they break apart when pierced with a fork.  Mix in a tablespoon or so of butter and chopped herbs of your choice (parsley is a classic).  Serve right away. 

On the Farm.

There were some serious storms last night that brought down some trees and had our power go out.  Thankfully it was back on by the time we had to milk the cows!  Your veggies would have been pretty late getting delivered if we would have had to milk all the cows by hand this morning! 

It was a wet and muddy week of harvest and today is a hot day!  So goes without saying that you should get your veggies as soon as possible and into the fridge.  Keep yourselves cool and hydrated.  And enjoy salads and some meals without turning on the stove! We are happy that this hot weather will be helping the summer crops ripen.  Tomatoes will be coming soon!