Week 3; June 23, 2016

What's in the box?

Butterhead Lettuce
Red Russian Kale
Scarlet Turnips
Green Top Beets
Red Scallions
Savoy Cabbage (medium and large)
Garlic Scapes
Salad Mix
Herb Pot

Notes on the box

The Beets and Turnips will store best with the tops removed from the roots.  My suggestion is to chop the stems below the rubber band so that your bunch of greens remains intact.  Store greens and roots in an open plastic bag.  Beet greens can be used as you would chard or spinach.  These beets are the nicest we have grown and we will have more in the coming weeks.  I don't peel the beets and they are still great.  We have been eating them raw cut into chunks.  They are so tender and tasty!  Great for a raw shredded salad, or dice, roast, and add them to salads. 

The Scarlet Turnips are great braised with their greens.  They are a little too tough for eating raw, I think.  But I sliced some with the mandolin and the kids ate them right up. 

The herb pots in the small shares have savory and parsley or savory and sage.  The Large share herb pots have thyme, sage, and parsley.  These will all grow into sizeable plants if you pot them out or put them in your garden if you've got one. 

All greens should be stored in a plastic bag in your fridge.  The cabbage doesn't need to be in a bag, but should be refrigerated.  This variety is really nice for fresh eating. 

Cosmic Wheel Creamery Cheese Share

If you have a cheese share, an eat like a farmer share, or an eat like a vegetarian farmer share please remember that your cheese is packed in a separate box at your drop site!  It is labeled "CHEESE"  Open the box and find the bag of cheese with the sticker with your name.  Don't forget your cheese!

Feta and Antares.  Yellow Feta!?  Whaaaaaat??  I hear it a lot at farmer's markets, but it's true.  Our feta looks like butter.  All of the cheese is yellow because of the cows 100% grass diet.  There's no color added.  It's just the carotenoids in the milk.  It's super healthy!  Enjoy it! 

The Antares is a cows milk Manchego.  I rub the rind with olive oil, chamomile, sumac, and calendula.  Antares is one of our most popular at farmers markets.  People seem to really enjoy the piquant kick at the end. 

The aged cheeses you get will store best if wrapped in parchment and then put into a ziploc bag.  Cheese is alive and needs air, but too much and it will dry out.  But you should eat it all before you have to worry about that! 


10 Things to do with Garlic Scapes

Roasted Scarlet Turnips with Sauteed Greens

15 Unbeatable Kale Recipes

Farro Salad with Beets, Beet Greens, and Feta

On the Farm

This week is seeing lots of activity on the farm, as usual!  This year we were super lucky and got a grant from the Lakewinds Organic Field Fund to improve our packing shed.  We had a ceiling put in and are having the huge sliding door changed into a garage door and a service door.  This will help us to keep the birds out of our packing shed and will improve food safety on the farm and help to keep things cleaner.  The birds seems to have had no trouble finding new housing options on the eaves of the barn.  A BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU to Lakewinds and their customers for helping us with this project! 

If your box is missing or anything is missing from your box (especially eggs!) Please contact us so that we can make it up to you.  We do our best, but sometimes something gets missed on the packing line or a box might get mixed up on delivery. 


Next week...

salad mix
spring onions
savor or tendersweet cabbage
swiss chard
head lettuce
bok choy?
summer squash?