Season Extension Week 2; October 20, 2016

What's in the box? 

red and yellow onions
butternut squash
black futsu squash
green top beets
diakon radish
rainbow chard
sweet peppers
scarlet trunips
sweet potatoes


Notes on the box. 

Onions, squash, garlic, and sweet potatoes should be stored outside of the fridge. 
The sweet potatoes are not fully cured, so they will not store for an extended period of time.  Some of the sweet potatoes are gold and some are white.  Both are delicious!  Our favorite way to eat them is roasted. 
Greens!  are back in full force.  Put them in plastic bags in your crisper to keep them from wilting.  Remove beet greens from the roots for better storage. 
Diakon Radish may be a new one for many people.  If you don't want to make kimchi or otherwise ferment or pickle your diakon, they are pretty nice roasted or you can shred them and add to salad.  They are nice and mild. 
Tatsoi might be a new green for many of you.  It is really wonderful in asian noodle soups.  Your farmers are not above an instant noodle soup every now and again.  But we make ourselves feel better about it by adding some of these greens such as tatsoi so it has some nutritional value! 
The skin of the black futsu squash is edible.  It's hands down favorite squash around here.  You can use it as you would delicata, but it has a more robust and nutty flavor.  Sliced into half moons and roasted with a little olive oil makes a nice side on it's own, or you can add to a salad or make a dressing for it.  And f you can't get to it right away, it's a beautiful seasonal decoration! 

Cosmic Wheel Creamery Cheese Shares.

Two aged cheeses this week.  We have Antares which is our cows milk manchego.  It has a really nice piquant finish.  The other is Arcturus which is our take on a traditional English style cheese.  There were some flaws near the rind, so if you have a piece with a big of blue mold, don't be afraid!  you can cut the area off and the rest of the cheese is great.  If you are an adventurous cheese lover, feel free to eat it!  It won't hurt you, it just has a strong flavor.  Bothe cheeses this week melt well. 


Spinach and White Bean Soup (feel free to use any of your greens in a soup like this.  Tatsoi, beet greens, or chard would all work nicely)

Chickpea Tatsoi and Coconut Curry

Cranberry, Walnut, Sweet Potato Wild Rice Pilaf

Cheesy Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese If you have any quark left from your cheese share, it would be nice mixed into this recipe.


On the Farm

Couldn't ask for more beautiful fall weather.  The colors are amazing out here and we are enjoying working outside n the beautiful light.