Happy New Year!

December came and went and now we are in the process of getting the website updated and will soon be offering our 2016 shares!  We are making a few adjustments to share options and are excited to be offer more of our Eat Like a Farmer shares and introducing an Eat Like a Meat-Free Farmer!  Both are great offerings with lots of delicious and super healthy food from our farm.  We really hope that you will consider signing up for one of these shares, or our regular veggie share! 

We will be letting our 2015 members know as soon as we make shares available.  There will be early bird pricing until April if we still have shares to offer at that point. One good thing in the most recent Farm Bill is that SNAP will be able to go toward CSA shares!  We are looking into how we can accept SNAP at Turnip Rock.  Hopefully we can figure it out quickly to make more healthy and local food available to more people.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

New year is always a time of reflection and we had a really fun time putting together a new slideshow of our 2015 season.  It was a really good one.  Have a look and enjoy!