Winter Share week 2; November 6, 2014

What's in the box?  


Thanks to Chris and Cheyenne for the photo and the recipe this week!


Vitamin Green







Brussel Sprouts

Winter Squash assortment

Salad Turnips

Dino Kale 


[yumprint-recipe id='58'][yumprint-recipe id='57']Beet Caviar from 101 cookbooks 

Squash Toasts With Ricotta and Cider Vinegar from Smitten Kitchen

Spinach and Egg Pizzettes from Smitten Kitchen

Turkey Meatball Vegetable Soup (recipe calls for Arugula, but feel free to substitute Turnip Greens or Vitamin Greens)

 On the farm...

It's officially getting cold.  And it was raining during harvest.  But we didn't get any snow, yet!  We are scrambling to get things out of the fields before the ground freezes.  There's just Josh and Dana working on the farm right now, and they are really working hard to get the boxes to you!  We were grateful to have the help of a visitor and aspiring farmer, Ashley, on Wednesday.  Many hands make work light, and in the cold rain, the extra hands are even more appreciated.  Thanks Ashley!  

We have been reading through the Summer Share Surveys and are so pleased with the feedback.  We were really happy to hear that almost everyone really enjoyed the Vitamin Green and the Pak Choi!  We got some lovely compliments and the complaints were few and far between and mainly had to do with CSA not fitting in with people's lifestyle, which we understand.  We know that our most experienced home chefs and committed members sign up for Winter Shares, so we want to thank you for being that!  

We hope you are enjoying the sweetness of the greens and roots after they have been through some cold temperatures.  We will see what's left in the field for greens after this cold weather is with us for a solid week.  Hopefully everything is still in good shape, but even tastier!  Sorry we don't have pictures this week.  We've had some technical difficulties.  Please feel free to share any photos of you and meals you've made, if you like!  We love to include that on the blog!