We grow a little bit of everything!  Certified Organic vegetables,  artisan cheese, we raise pigs, steers and lamb out on pasture.  We use no GMOs or growth homones. 

We focus on "familiar favorites".  After hearing from  members that they have had trouble learning how to cook uncommon vegetables each week,  we decided to focus on usable quantities of better loved vegetables.  We try to include lots of broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions and lettuce.  

Cheese shares will be a bi-weekly mix of fresh cheeses, such as cheddar cheese curds, Quark, Riccotta, and a rotating assortment of  8 different aged cheeses

Meat shares will be a mix of beef pork and lamb. They will come in three different deliveries in the fall.   

Take a look through the pictures below to get feeling of how a season looks in a box. June- Oct.  

The pictures aboove will walk you through a season of our boxes, starting in June and going into October.