We LOVE our members!  Here's a sample of what they have to say about Turnip Rock Farm...

“When we 1st signed up with a CSA we did it just to nudge ourselves towards eating better/healthier. We had no idea what a "can or worms" (in a good way) it would be. I would say that it has transformed us, our values and the way we look at the world over the years. I believe many of us start out wondering if it will be a "good" value or will we like what they grow but if we stick around long enough we become changed and we discover a whole different world. And that's a great thing. It's very difficult to put a value on that.” 
Rob and Susan

“We are first time csa-ers and we have loved every vegetable that we received this summer!  Thank you, thank you!”     Megan

“I live and breath for the blog! The recipes, the pics of Otto, how things are going for you given the weather etc. I'm a farm girl by birth, so your blog gives me a little big of my roots. Really the recipes you share is pretty much what I do w my veggies so keep up the good work!!” no name given

“We really enjoyed being members of the CSA this season, and it was awesome having deliveries on Thursdays, as we usually had more time on the weekends to plan meals and how to use our bounty! We would for sure recommend Turnip Rock to friends and family - it has been a wonderful experience, and we're looking forward to participating again.” no name given

“We have gotten a great value for our money from the CSA, and it was a fun challenge using up everything from the box, rather than picking our old standbys at the farmer's market.” Sarah N.

“The cukes and carrots are so so sugar sweet. oh la la They get gobbled up as soon as I cut them. You've really done an awesome job all around.” Elizabeth

“Even though the weather has been unseasonably dry, you guys have really stocked the boxes with enough tasty/useful veggies to satisfy my family (my CSA last year had much less variety and much better weather than you, ironically).  Your blog is just too generous, as well.  Count me in for another share next year :)  “ G. W.