We are so excited to offer a cheese share option from our farmstead micro-dairy, Cosmic Wheel Creamery!  Raw milk, natural rind, aged cheeses made from the milk of our beautiful 100% grass-fed Jersey cows!  When we make cheese, we have whey leftover that feeds our heritage pigs.  The bedding and manure from the cows is composted and providers fertility for our vegetables.  And we have the wonderful cheese to offer!  CSA members will have the cheeses below included in their CSA shares, as well as other cheeses as we develop our recipes.  2017 promises to have some really wonderful cheeses that have aged for over a year!

Aged, Raw Milk, Natural Rind Cheeses
Antares - cows milk Manchego
Arcturus - English style
Circle of the Sun - a taste of the farm! bright, herbal and grassy
Lyra - creamy, mild, and floral
Moonshadow - Gruyere style made when cows were eating hay in early Spring
Moonglow - Gruyere style made when cows were eating from green pasture

Fresh Cheeses from Pasteurized Milk
fresh cheese curds
whole milk ricotta

Our cheese is available through Turnip Rock Farm CSA, Foxtail Farm Winter CSA, and Shared Ground CSA.

You can also find us at Mill City Farmers Market, NorthEast Farmers Market,  Wedge and Wheel in Stillwater, Linden Hills Co-op, and Seward Co-op.

If you are interested in purchasing or selling our cheese, please feel free to contact us!